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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: MCSA 50th National Championship
When: Thursday, June 24, 2021 to Sunday, June 27, 2021

Name Type
Daniel Allen Members -MCSA
Chris Andert Members -MCSA
Bob Asher Members -MCSA
Renee Asher Members -MCSA
Byron Beasley Members -MCSA
Kevin Black Members -MCSA
Richard Blake Members -MCSA
Sean Bradley Members -MCSA
Keven Briggs Members -MCSA
Chris Brooks Members -MCSA
James Brust Members -MCSA
Meg Casey Members -MCSA
William Colburn Members -MCSA
William Demand Members -MCSA
Bill Draheim Members -MCSA
Stephen Dunbar Members -MCSA
Philip Ecklund Members -MCSA
Timothy Elfenbein Members -MCSA
Joel Erickson Members -MCSA
Dan Fink Members -MCSA
Matt Fisher Members -MCSA
Jeff Griffin Members -MCSA
Jeffrey Grinnan Members -MCSA
Daniel Guidinger Members -MCSA
Mark Hardenbergh Members -MCSA
Scott Harestad Members -MCSA
Braerton Hatton Members -MCSA
David Haugerud Members -MCSA
Emily Haugerud Members -MCSA
Eric Hood Members -MCSA
Ben Johnson Members -MCSA
Doug Johnson Members -MCSA
Rob Johnston Members -MCSA
Mike Keenan Members -MCSA
Craig Koschalk Members -MCSA
Chris Kubicek Members -MCSA
Ted Lischer Members -MCSA
Ivan Lopatin Members -MCSA
Jarrett Lynn Members -MCSA
Robert Mayer Members -MCSA
Andy McDonald Members -MCSA
Tim McMahon Members -MCSA
Bill McNally Members -MCSA
William Mendel Members -MCSA
Jordan Murphy Members -MCSA
Kevin Neal Members -MCSA
Noel Neuman Members -MCSA
Stuart Oltrogge Members -MCSA
Brad Osmundson Members -MCSA
Eric Protzman Members -MCSA
Dan Quiram Members -MCSA
Joseph Reincke Members -MCSA
Buzz Reynolds Members -MCSA
Bruce Rosenheimer Members -MCSA
Stefan Schmidt Members -MCSA
Stefan Schulze Members -MCSA
Jamie Searles Members -MCSA
Natalie Sinn Members -MCSA
Scott Slocum Members -MCSA
Greg Sutter Members -MCSA
Allan Terhune Members -MCSA
Mark Tesar Members -MCSA
Todd Tesar Members -MCSA
Scott Tillema Members -MCSA
Don Wilson Members -MCSA
Olivia Windemuller Members -MCSA
Kenny Wolfe Members -MCSA

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