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Welcome to the MC Sailing Association

The MC Sailing Association originally formed in Shreveport LA, 1971. Since then, the MC class has grown to be one of the top one-design sailboat racing classes in North America. The scow design maximizes speed yet provides unmatched stability. There are more than 110 active fleets nationwide. An original design by the Melges family in 1956, it is unique in the fact that you can sail single-handed or double-handed. Sailing solo is easy, taking a crew is fun! The MC class is not just about racing -- it has also been described by many people outside of the class as a very enjoyable and fun group to spend a weekend with!

Please look around and explore the activities taking place at a nearby lake (over 110 fleets can be found here:
(MC Active Fleet Finder) and see why we're so enthusiastic about this one-design racing sailboat.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

2021 Regattas: Results & Reports

2016 MC Nationals - Friday


Andy Burdick  (262) 275-1110

 Quantum Sails Zenda
Quantum Sails Team:
 Harry Melges
 Andy Burdick
Jim Gluek
Eddie Cox
Ted Keller-Ohio Agent
(262) 275-1110

Mike Considine
(312) 326-1053

Dan Fink - Dealer
(414) 344-8765

Allan Terhune
O:(410) 269-5662
M:(732) 644-1051
Eric Doyle
(949) 228-7185

Bill Draheim
(972) 998-5313

(800) 800-6050


 MCSA Mens & Ladies Fleet Shirts !




“HISTORY OF THE SCOW”  Film Proposal
Woody Woodruff has been sailing scows a long time and is using his talents as a film producer to make a documentary film on scows: The Project   Donate Here


MCSA Member Ted Weihe created a MC book for purchase. Ted is contributing all royalties to the class!!   ( $3 of $20 book cost) - Thank you Ted.:    To purchase book, go here: MC BOOK

Falling in Love with the MC Scow is a primer on racing the MC from a new comer to the class with a lifetime of sailing experience. Much of information is based on Zenda U. on-the-water training by the Melges Team and by MC champions. It is infused with personal recollections by the author. 

Notice of Election & Annual Membership Meeting

As part of its annual rotation, the Board seeks nominations of candidates to fill the positions of retiring members of the Board of Governors. Nominees must be current MCSA members and available to actively serve a three year term of office beginning January 1, 2022. The elected individuals will fill the expiring term of Ron Hull. When contemplating prospective nominees, consider the value of maintaining a Board balance in sailing, administrative, and leadership skill sets as well as a geographical representation of MCSA members.

The following members have accepted nominations to fill the positions of the retiring Board members and will be placed on the ballot for a verbal vote: Chris Kubicek   - Lake Beulah YC, WI (2024)

The following is a list of the current Board members whose terms expire on December 31st of the year indicated:

Ron Hull           - Lake Monona YC, WI (2021)
Chad Hough     - Spring Lake YC, MI (2022)

Dan Guidinger - White Bear YC, MN, (2022)
Sean Bradley   - Barnegat Bay YR Assoc, NJ, (2022)
Chris Andert    - Lake Eustis SC, FL, Fleet 4 (2023)
Rob Johnston  - Rush Creek YC, TX, Fleet 5 (2023)
Matt Fisher      - Hoover SC, OH, Fleet 54 (2023)

Scott Harestad - Spring Lake YC, MI (2024)- Commodore

Dan Fink          -  Little Muskego, WI (2022)-  Rear Commodore


The election will be held during the Annual Membership Meeting to be held at the MCSA Nationals Championship June. 25-27, Clear Lake YC, Iowa.Inquiries should be submitted to Richard Blake at


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